January 22, 2016
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January 22, 2016 admin


Luca has always wanted to be a Formula 1 driver.Watching the races, driving at Taylor Barton’s Mini Grand Prix track off the I-95 as a 4 year old, grabbing the steering wheel at arcades, beating me at Formula 1 2010 on my computer, Scalextric, he will drive anything, including me. He takes his racing seriously … Speedracer!

So I took him to the Fast Lap indoor karting track on Polaris, Las Vegas to see if he would like it. That was less than a month ago and he’s already posting the fastest times in the adult kart and against adults. This 10 year old shows a tremendous natural talent for motor racing. He is instinctive and fearless. His overtaking moves are outstanding … and do all the adults hate that! He loves it …

I got a blue crash helmet for his Christmas present – first night, he went to sleep wearing it.

I attached a GoPro camera to his helmet to analyze his racing line and he decided to post a sub 28 second lap. Here is the video of him posting a new lap record – 27.83 seconds! The intro was taken from the BBC’s TV coverage of F1 back in the 90s – couldn’t resist.

We will take it one step at a time and work it out as we go along. This could be the start of something special.