July 30, 2020
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July 30, 2020 admin


After a hiatus of 3 months of mandatory quarantine due to CoVid-19 with zero no seat time, it was good to be back at the track for Round 2 – with masks and social distancing as mandated by the state of California. Interesting times for sure.

Friday practice Luca surprised us with his speed. He was happy to be back in the kart. Saturday, niggling problems kept us mid pack. Sunday, Luca qualified in 10th, 6/10th off pole. In the Heat he fought for a deserved 10th place with the kart hard to control due to bad understeer, followed by whiplash oversteer. In the main, Luca came in a respectible 9/22 in a very competitive field with an under-performing kart. He did good.

Next is a double header for Tri-C August 1st & 2nd …