May 27, 2019
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May 27, 2019 admin


A great weekend of racing at LAKC Round 4 – Luca qualified 10th on the grid and came 7th in the Heat race. In the Main event, Luca secured an amazing 4th place finish after a spectacular race in the rain and on slicks.

Just before the main event, it started to drizzle and the big question was wets or slicks? Half the drivers went to wets, we decided to stay on slicks.

It started raining on the warm up lap – from the grandstands it looked like we had made a bad choice, especially after Luca span at the Monaco hairpin on lap 1, rejoining the race at the back! The cars on wets started to pull away and the remainder on slicks showed tremendous skill to keep their karts on the track. There were 2 races out there.

By lap 3, it stopped raining and the track started to dry out. Those out on wets fried their tires within 2 laps and it wasn’t long before those on slicks reeled them in. Then it started to rain again.

Luca was fighting through the pack coming from 15th to 4th showing us his skill, patience and race smarts against an experienced pack. The track was very slippery – 4 racers fighting for that 4th spot with the position changing multiple time between multiple racers. Each time, Luca waited for his opening or profited from a mistake.

In the grandstand area, the spectators were enthralled by the spectacle of their kids racing flat out, in very testing conditions, pushing their karts to the very edge. It was super exciting to watch.

On lap 18, Luca took 4th place one last time, immediately pulling away from the chasing pack, crossing the finish line by more than 1/2 second margin. He ran a very good race for a well deserved 4th place finish – his highest placing at LAKC so far this season.

A special shout out to #TheMechanic Douglas Creesy for the kart set up and driver coaching to help make the result – a great team effort.

One very proud dad here – well done Luca.



If you have read this far, you deserve to know a secret – I hope to receive Luca’s new kart decals before our next race at the Pro Kart Challenge on June 7th, 8th, 9th. He’s earned it with his improving results. I will post the final proofs once I have them.

Here’s his kart decals proof, waiting on his helmet proofs …