July 2, 2019
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July 2, 2019 admin


A tough weekend for Luca …

Heat – major incident at Turn 1 due to some ridiculous driving going on up ahead. Luca hit hard, bending the frame. He limped to a 10th place finish to secure valuable points. Smart.

Main – starting from the back row, Luca had a superb start into 6th at the Horseshoe. It was setting up to be an interesting race. Douglas and I were once again laughing at Luca’s amazing start, he had just driven past us at the grandstand when … WTF!

Well & truly deep in the Valley of Suck!

UPDATE : Luca is fine and had nothing except a sore knee for about an hour. Thanks to all for heartfelt concern.

Onto next race Tri-C Championship Round 5 on 07/06 …