"Luca pushed past his mental and physical boundaries"

Cheley Colorado Camp: Sam Norton, Assistant Director

15 August 2018

To whom it may concern,


I had the opportunity to watch over Luca Ciambra during his stay at Cheley Colorado Camps over the summer of 2018. In that time, I was able to become well acquainted with Luca and learn who he is as a person. Luca constantly impressed me with his maturity and leadership ability. He consistently displayed a strong moral compass and incredible mental toughness. 

There are countless occasions when Luca displayed his mental toughness and leadership while at camp, however, I believe there is one specific occasion where he went above and beyond. Luca participated in our three-day overnight mountain bike trip, which is the premier mountain bike ride that Cheley Camp offers. It is an arduous and difficult ride through the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The specific route that Luca and his fellow campers followed has not been done for 5 years, as there was a flood in 2013 which destroyed the trail.

Luca, showing his adventurous spirit, was very excited to be among the first to try out the newly restored route, which was not yet fully finished off. On the first day, Luca truly displayed his endurance and capability as an athlete by flying up the inclines with ease. For the remainder of the trip, bad weather washed out the newly improved trails, which for anyone else would ruin the day. This was not the case for Luca, however, as he pushed past his mental and physical boundaries time after time. The washed-out trails resulted in the group getting lost, thus forcing them to go up some unbelievably steep hills, thrilling downhills, and a 2-hour trek through the trees carrying his bike to finally arrive at the destination.

Despite the trip’s difficulties, Luca had the biggest smile on his face at the end as he felt that he accomplished something he never thought possible. On top of the setbacks plaguing the trip, Luca still found the time to connect with an elder camper who was really struggling with homesickness. Due to Luca’s interactions, the camper gained the confidence to come out of his shell and was completely immersed in the camp lifestyle after the trip. Not only coming out on top of an incredibly stressful day, but to also show the empathy and kindness necessary to bring out happiness in another person, speaks volumes to the quality of leader that Luca is.

Luca is an outstanding and influential individual. He deserves the opportunity to continue to develop himself as a leader and as a person. Please give Luca the consideration that he is due, as he is a very humble and mature young man with remarkable potential. He is an impressively resilient person, and I have no doubts that he will only continue to impress others if given the chance.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 


Sam Norton
Assistant Director
Boys’ Trail’s End – Cheley Colorado Camps